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Make Iceland Great Again! The return of Trapped, 12222's most timely show

The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. B2 [ C ] a device or hole for catching animals or people and preventing their escape :. The fox got its foot caught in a trap.

Trap | Definition of Trap by Merriam-Webster

B2 [ S ] a dangerous or unpleasant situation which you have got into and from which it is difficult or impossible to escape :. The undercover agents went to the rendezvous knowing that it might be a trap. She's too smart to fall into the trap of working without pay.

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Don't fall into the trap of thinking you can learn a foreign language without doing any work. His foot was caught in the jaws of the trap.

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We set a trap and they walked right into it. They put rabbit traps all over the wood. We set traps to try to control the mice.

She survived in the wilderness by eating berries and trapping small animals and birds. A greenhouse stays warm because the glass traps the heat of the sun.

B2 If someone or something is trapped, that person or thing is unable to move or escape from a place or situation :. The two men died when they were trapped in a burning building. Fire officers used cutting equipment to free his legs , which were trapped under a steel beam.

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In his book , Holden speculates that Shakespeare was an unfaithful husband who was trapped into marriage. She had been trapped into saying something she did not mean. But, as it returned last Saturday to BBC Four, audiences were no longer asleep; in the intervening years the series has been watched by 10 million people in the UK, Germany, France and, of course, Scandinavia — and with good reason. Just ask police officer Hinrika and her lovely husband, who unfortunately for her always stinks of weed and feels strongly enough about the environment to join a controversial protest.

We see people harking back to a glorious nationalist past Make Iceland Great Again?

There are politicians putting big business before community — drilling in the ground and the threat of an aluminium plant, along with all the environmental activism it stirs up. This season, there are even earthquakes. But rarely does it feel hammy, as much TV that speaks to the so-called zeitgeist can do, if not handled deftly. Since , laws regulating abortion providers have been passed by state legislatures. In total, 44 states and the District of Columbia have measures subjecting abortion providers to legal restrictions not imposed on other medical professionals. Unable to comply with these far-reaching and medically unnecessary laws, clinics have taken their fight to the courts.