Bargains and Betrayals: A 13 to Life Novel

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Things will get bloody. If I noticed, they might notice, too. It would be like blood in the water. Okay, so there's my teaser. Hope you--umm--enjoyed it? This will probably be my last full post here since the www. I encourage you to join me there for fun activities, an occasional newsletter and the blog.

Posted by Shannon Delany at AM 3 comments:. Those of you who met me at RT Booklovers Convention or RWA or BEA know that I love to give bloggers little 13 to Life-related prize packs that you--the bloggers--can then use on your site to reward your readers and fans. Well, it's been a while but I'm starting that back up.

And this time you don't have to meet me in person though I'm quite charming ;. The picture shows what's included 2 signed bookmarks, a signed postcard, a signed mini poster, a glow-in-the-dark pin, a signed 3-cover postcard, 3 3-cover reminder cards. What do you have to do to get a prize pack to share with your blog's supporters? Include in the header: Blogger Prize Pack Request Include in the email a link to your blog your blog must have at least followers to get a prize pack--unless you participated in my blog tour in the past, tell me either way, please. Include your physical address.

Tell me how you'll disperse the prizes and approximately when it may take a solid month for prizes to arrive so plan accordingly. Let me know if you need anything else from me--interview or whatever. Promise to remind me either through email or Twitter a day before you start giving away your prizes and include a link so I can try and support you. Be prepared to wait a solid month because shipping out here and swag supplies are crazy things. Posted by Shannon Delany at AM 2 comments:.

Labels: 13 to Life , bloggers , book bloggers , prize , Secrets and Shadows. Now my fabulous international fans can get personalized copies of my novels. Labels: author signing , book signing , international fans , personalized. Even Amazon. So I got to pet the books, love 'em a little, sign and send them out but none were left to come home with me!

I even signed some to be shipped to other states--yes, people had called in to get me to sign them there! I LOVE that!

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If you can't meet me in person but you want copies of the 13 to Life novels personalized, contact The Green Toad. If you contact them before the 15th, Michele can get me to sign them the night of the party and may be able to ship them on the 16th During all that books 4 and 5 get written and revised.

Tuesday, February 8, Can't Make a Signing? Get Novels Signed Anyhow! Sure, sure, everyone wants to hang out with me at a signing or event there are often things like cake or pizza or swag available, so who wouldn't? Never fear! I'm very excited to announce a partnership with The Green Toad Bookstore in Oneonta, NY which will allow readers who can't make it to any of my signings to still get novels in the 13 to Life series personalized! At this moment we're still hashing out details for international fans, but US citizens can either call the store: or email the store at: michele [AT] greentoadbookstore DOT com.

Either way you make contact, be prepared to give your name, address, payment information, titles you're ordering and who you want the book made out to and the proper spelling so I don't mess up! IF there's special information you want me to know to better personalize the book s feel free to make those suggestions, too, and I will see what I can do. I wish I could meet you all, but I'm glad I can at least give you another option for getting your books personalized.

Posted by Shannon Delany at AM 6 comments:. Labels: author signing , book signing , Green Toad Bookstore , personalized , signed copies. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Where to order my precioussss He knew appearances mattered to our sister most. Cat patted his hand. A month. More, if she does not behave. Do not interfere. He snorted.

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Was she somehow less now she had more years to her life span? To me, she was still and always Ekaterina—Cat—beautiful and troublesome as ever. Was there something about her my simple human senses overlooked? Something in her complexion, her carriage, her gait, her scent? I drew back, slinking around the banister to head to the rear of the Queen Anne house we still called home, and the solitude of the back porch.

Bargains and Betrayals (13 to Life, #3) by Shannon Delany

Each child in a family had a role to play; the eldest was often the leader—the alpha. For a while the role was mine. When it was necessary I shouldered the heaviest responsibility, took the greatest risks. I learned the ins and outs of the dark side of commerce. I sold my soul as much as anything on the black market to make ends meet once our parents were gone and our safety was at risk.

Everything I did, I did for them.


My brothers. My sister. My family.

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Therefore my usefulness was limited and officially at an end except as their legal guardian. That usefulness might yet conclude when Maximilian turned eighteen. Seated on the porch, Max hung his right leg over the edge, his left tucked beneath him, so he sat near enough to shadow Amy. Her feet swung back and forth, beating an angry rhythm into the cool air, her fingers curled around the edge of the decking. Beneath the thin gloves she wore I imagined her knuckles were white in frustration.

In the yard beyond them, leaves flew and splintered in the snapping wind of approaching winter.

Rivals and Retribution A 13 to Life Novel

No snow had fallen yet, but the clouds threatened daily. Max spoke. Amy heard, her head nodding at appropriate intervals. Max believed she was listening, but I knew better. From her closed body language I realized he was back to the same words that had so recently made her storm away and slam the basement door in his face. It was the discussion survivors of abuse dreaded.

Bargains and Betrayals: A 13 to Life Novel

He was the hero. She was the victim. There could be no even footing between them until she found her place in the story of her own life. Stood on her own. Max was new; she and her abuser, Marvin Broderick, shared a past. Max had chosen to give her an option beyond her abusive boyfriend: him. She had taken it, but still she and Marvin had a connection: They shared a town, a school, and acquaintances. Her life was a daily mix of stressful decisions. Max had difficulty understanding that. He made his choice. He did not realize she had to continue making choices moment by moment and day by day.

I considered leaving my spot inside the back door, knowing well the ground being retread. Her eyes closed and she turned to face Max, her mouth opening to bite off a reply just as her hair struck out and blinded him. He choked, flailed. And made a greater ass of himself. From the door I nearly made my presence known by snickering at him—my idiotic little brother.

Amy laughed, seeing him so off balance. In the time it took to blink an eye, the heated discussion had fallen to the wayside and they had returned to what they did best together—flirting and teasing. It seemed years were added to his life just being around her. He said something. Stupid, no doubt, and she slapped him playfully—how did she phrase it? He sputtered, seizing her wrist to drag her hand slowly across his stubbled jawline.